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What Our
Attendees Are Saying
Jack Abraham
EUFMC President
Fleet Manager
Nova Scotia Power

“The interest in EUFMC among utility fleet professionals from the U.S., Canada and South America shows how valuable the conference’s comprehensive educational program is for the companies that attendees represent. The Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference continues to attract fleet professionals because we address the challenges they face in their organizations in educational sessions, and provide unique networking opportunities where fleet managers can exchange ideas and meet with suppliers to discuss technical and operational issues.”
What Our
Attendees Are Saying
Pat Procaccini
Manager Transportation
and Equipment

“EUFMC is one of the only conferences that I go to annually. The topics that are presented are always timely and the information provided is extremely useful. This conference also provides adequate time to network with other fleet professionals. I continue to reach out to the professionals that I meet during the conference on a regular basis to leverage their vast combined experience, to help better my organization, and to share my experiences.”


EUFMC General Conference Information

EUFMC Outdoor Exhibit

The Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (EUFMC) is an educational conference for fleet representatives from investor-owned electric utilities, electric cooperatives and electrical contractors. Held annually at the Williamsburg Lodge and Conference Center in Williamsburg, Virginia, EUFMC 2015 will take place from May 31-June 3. Registration will open in January 2015.

EUFMC attracts fleet executives from over 60 companies in the U.S., Canada and South America. The EUFMC General Session is a two-day comprehensive educational program featuring presentations by industry experts, manufacturers and fleets. In 2015, presenters will address Fleet Strategies to Maximize Total Company Performance. Fleet representatives and suppliers also take part in roundtable best practices discussions.

More than 250 representatives from over 100 manufacturers and service providers attend EUFMC. The event includes a drive-through utility equipment demonstration and an equipment show that is the site of more than 60 displays.

Future Conferences

May 31 – June 3, 2015
June 5- June 8, 2016
Williamsburg Lodge and Conference Center, Williamsburg, Virginia

EUFMC Participation Information

For Fleet Representatives:

Fleet representatives of investor-owned utilities are invited to call the conference office at (757) 220-1795 or email Ann Brown-Hailey at for registration information.

For Manufacturers & Service Providers:

Due to the desire to provide an equitable ratio of vendors to fleet representatives, manufacturers and service providers attend and exhibit at EUFMC conference by invitation only. The focus of the equipment drive-thru demonstration and show is utility equipment vehicles and aerial devices. The afternoon equipment show includes service providers that do not participate in the morning equipment drive-thru. Additional requests from manufacturers and service providers are considered as space is available. Please refer to the EUFMC Conference Rules and Regulations for information on registration fees and requirements for manufacturers and service providers attending the EUFMC.

Utility vehicle and equipment manufacturers and industry service providers that did not participate in the previous conference that wish to be considered for an invitation to the next EUFMC event should complete the online request form. Participation requests are reviewed by the EUFMC Equipment Show Coordinator and EUFMC Board.

EUFMC Mission Statement

EUFMC is an annual event with a unique atmosphere and an educational format that allows utility fleet professionals to view the latest fleet products and technology, attend sessions on the most pertinent topics of fleet management, while also providing roundtable discussions on those topics and encouraging the attendees to network with their industry peers and the manufacturer/vendor community.

EUFMC Conference Objective

The objectives of this non-profit association are dissemination of educational and technical information pertaining to the design, procurement, application, operation and maintenance of equipment used by the Electric Utilities; provision of a forum where Utility Fleet Professionals can exchange information and discuss mutual problems, and promotion of close cooperation between Manufacturers, Suppliers, Services, and Fleet Professionals engaged in the development and design of vehicles and equipment associated with the Electric Utility Industry.

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